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Root Letter

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Release : 28 Oct 2016

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Root Letter

When a letter is delivered 15 years late - you discover an old pen-friend was involved in a murder before she dissapeared. Travelling to her hometown, you must investigate the murder, using her past letters as clues to uncover the disturbing truth. Using Visual Novel and investigative gameplay elements, Root Letter elevates the Visual Novel genre to a whole new level.

- An intense murder mystery set in a gorgeous, real-word, rural Japanese setting
- Stunning Visual Novel artwork from the renowned Mino Taro
- Increased Gameplay elements - search for clues, present evidence and unpick clues from letters
- Travel freely from location to location interviewing suspects based on real-world places and people
- Interrogation mode allows you to present evidence to characters and catch them out in lies
- Unravel the truth from your pen-friend's letters - was she telling the truth?
- Mind-bending puzzles as you straddle an invesigation spanning 15 years
- Five different endings with wildly different routes - for a huge level of replayability
- Incredible Sountrack from composer Takashi Nitta and lead voice actor role for Noriko Hidakav